Passsing of Chef Daniel Huppe


The Winnipeg Branch of the Culinary Federation would like to acknowledge the passing of Chef Daniel Huppe this past May. Chef Huppe spent many years as a teacher at Red River Community College where he was a source of positive energy and a mentor to many leaders in our culinary community. He will be remembered by his warm presence and professionalism. Danny was recognized as the Winnipeg Branch Chef of the Year in 1994 and has been retired for a number of years.

“On Saturday May 2, 2020, with the birds singing and the sun shining, Daniel planted his last garden with his wife Paulette. Daniel left us while in his happy place and doing what he loved. “



Piazza De Nardi hosts the Chefs

Chef Sergei, Catering manager Marilena and Tom De Nardi

The Piazza De Nardi was the site for a true taste of the Mediterranean at the Culinary Federations October meeting.  Tom De Nardi welcomed us to the Piazza where we began the evening with tastings of Parmigiano Reggiano  , fresh sliced Prosciutto and a chilled glass of Prosecco at La Boutique del Vino a wine store featuring wines from around the world.

Next we were guided upstairs to the event center and reception area where Marilena Moccia, catering and events manager for the Piazza welcomed us to a set of hot pastas , an array of house made sausages and fine cheeses including cheeses by BelGiosso. Chef Sergei Dedenko of La Boutique del Vino prepared the fine foods served in the evening and was there throughout to share stories and answer questions about the meal.

While the chefs shared some fine food and wine, Tom De Nardi, sales and marketing director for Piazza De Nardi gave us a color-full presentation about the authentic sourcing going on to provide the best of Italy to Winnipeg.

Culinary Federation Winnipeg Welcomed new member Chef Aaron Crawford of the St. Charles Club.


New member Chef Aaron Crawford of the St.Charles Country Club is welcomed to the Federation.

Marilena and Chef Sergei of La Boutique del Vina who presented a delight-full and delicious display of the best of Italy.

Tom discusses the finer points of slicing parma ham.

Winnipeg CCFCC Juniors are Facebook Ready!

Our CCFCC Juniors are now one Facebook! Here’s how they’re describing this great step:

This is a page to keep the young chefs of Winnipeg connected, informed about upcoming events and to most importantly share our love of food

Checkout the great work they are doing here!

Chance of a Lifetime: Culinary Exchange Program

Page: NewslettersCulinary Exchange Program… Perhaps, one of the most sought after and exciting program within the series of Junior Initiatives Programs.

Picture yourself, a young culinarian, eager to make your mark in the world of food preparation and production.  You’re suddenly whisked away (pun intended) for a two week, all expense paid romp in Canada.  While you’re at it, let’s visit some fine restaurants, do mussel farming in Prince Edward Island; wine tasting in the rich valleys of the Okanagan or experiencing  the technical complexities of cheese making in Québec.

Thanks to SAPUTO, that dream is but an application away from reality (see below).  Of course, in true fashion of previous years, 2015 brings on an exciting venue of events and challenges hosted by chef members of Regina and Saskatoon.  Event Schedule

However, like all good things that come is glossy packages – there’s a catch!  An application form and some working objectives that tell our judging panel about who you are, what makes you tick, and a little video requirement demonstrating your skill sets.  Application Form

Do not waste any time in preparing this opportunity – the outcomes are only as accessible as your drive for success.

(Gallery) Awards Dinner 2015

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(Gallery) Salon 2006

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(Gallery) Gala 2011

Here’s are some of the delicious eats that were presented during our 2011 Gala!

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