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Saputo National Junior Culinary Challenge 2017

The Saputo Junior Challenge provides Canada’s up and coming culinary leaders a chance to earn a place a one of our countries top aspiring Chefs.

National Competition to be held in Calgary May 27, 2017.

We plan to have a provincial cook-off. If you , or your culinary student is interested please refer to the attached document and contact the branch


The Great Canadian Cook-off 2017

CCFCC / Sysco Great Canadian Cookoff is the premier professional event of the Canadian Culinary Federation. This is a unique opportunity to compete at the highest professional level in a black box format.

National Competition to be held in Calgary May 26, 2017.

We plan to have a provincial cook-off. If you or one of your culinary professionals is interested please refer to the attached document and contact the branch.


Assiniboia Downs meeting gets MADD

The January meeting hosted by Chef Micheal Keeler and Binner Marketing and Sales featured many fine products including Tree of Life Products and the line of MADD Beverages. We were joined by Melody Bodnarchuk ,  past president of MADD Manitoba who spoke about the work of her organization. Thankyou for the donations by G.F.S. for the fine feast.

Chef Jesse Friesen of Pizzeria Gusto has a big month.

Chef Jesse Friesen of Pizzeria Gusto had a busy month, first representing Manitoba at the World Culinary Olympics in Germany and then coming home to Win the Winnipeg Gold Medal Plates competition.

Congratulations Chef.


Manitoba Hotel Association Show

Winnipeg’s Chefs Association was out to tell visitors about the benifits to the Manitoba Hotel Association show at the Victoria Inn last Tuesday. Thanks to Helmut Mathae, Ron Dobrinsky, Trevor Bailey and Bonnie Mularchuk for attending the booth. Thanks to Helmut and Lionel Brunel for the edible art on display. Chocolate Painting and Salt Sculpture.


chefs-helmut-and-ron-mha-show choc-painting-close-up choc-painting-mha-show salt-sculpture-mha-show

Bee Maid gives Chefs Sweet tour!

beemaidBee Maid Honey offered the Chefs a chance to see behind the scenes of a Manitoba treasure, pure and simple. Great food prepared and served by Agriculture Team Manitoba. Insight-full presentation by Bill Bygarski, bee keeper and  Bee Maid Staff Shannon Bowden and Isela Arroyo.


dsc_1090-2 dsc_1095 dsc_1099 dsc_1105 dsc_1106 dsc_1111 dsc_1114 dsc_1116 dsc_1119 dsc_1124 dsc_1129 dsc_1138

Chefs Serve up South Beach Picnic

Winnipeg chefs worked with the team from Sysco in providing a family day for South Beach Casino Staff and Family at Grand Prix Amusements. We even took a little time off for a race. Storm clouds cut the day short but a GOOD TIME was had by all. 20160815_123457 20160815_125338 20160815_151803

National Awards CCFCC Convention

Congratulations to Chef Raymond Czayka for his Lifetime Achievement Award presented at this years CCFCC  National Convention this May in Windsor Ontario.

Congratulations to Chef Brian Humniski who received the National Branch Communication Award  also presented at the convention.


Gala 2016 (1) - 38 of 60Bios: Brian Humniski

Sysco gets creative

Chef Peter Ecker

Chef Peter Ecker and the team at Sysco gave the CCFCC Winnipeg Branch a fine sendoff for the summer. We were shown how people helping people and  STIR  program works. Success though innovative resources. Fantastic ideas and deliciousIMGP7368 samples galore.

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Meeting Sponsor

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