CF Winnipeg New Board

     Last week we held our annual general meeting which was an opportunity for us to network at Sysco West’s facility, enjoy a fantastic meal and elect a new executive/ board of directors for the upcoming two years.

Our Executive Team

The new board consists of :

President               Brian Humniski

Vice President              Peter Ecker

2nd Vice President        Jeremy Langemann

Treasurer               Karl Oman

Secretary               Jared Lavallee

Past President              Paul Lemire

Young Chef Representative Ian Shapira

Chef Directors             Don Pattie

                        Jesse Friesen

Hans Schweitzer

                       Ron Dobrinsky

                       J ohn Reimers

                        Dov Korkh

                        Jose Naboa Sanchez

Associate Directors     

Colleen Robbins   Saputo

Derek Kostynuik      City Bread

Bonnie Mularchuk       Binner Marketing

Mo Razik               Fenton’s Wine Merchants

We look forward to serving your interests in the culinary community and growing this association to meet the needs of todays chefs, cooks, bakers and industry professionals.