Please take some time to explore the images that captures some of the culinary delights that CCFCC has had the privilege to prepare in Winnipeg!

Chefs and Associates Appreciate Scotch Whiskey

CF Winnipeg Branch Chefs and Associates shared an evening of Scotch Whiskey Appreciation and food parings provided by member chefs. The event was hosted by Gary Dawyduk at the Grant Park Liquor Mart.  

The evening featured four rounds of tasting which took us from defining Scotch Whiskey, to looking at the role of Oak and blending, to exploring coastal influences and then the final tasting of a cask strength highland single malt Scotch.

Chefs Jason Wortzman, Jared Lavallee,  Jesse Friesen and Ian Shapira were instrumental in preparing the fantastic food pairings . Gary Dawyduk at the Grant Park Liquor Mart led the Chefs and Associates though our courses and the influences of the food to the beverage.  Gary was able to share his vast knowledge and experience and to answer many questions from the floor. It was truly an educational and delicious event.
  Chef Jason Wortzman of Granny’s Poultry prepared Dijon herb tartlets with Granny’s cranberry chipotle sausage and Manchego cheese.

Chef Jared Lavallee of Assiniboia Downs and Via Rail prepared a  seared veal meatball seasoned with fresh herbs, skewered with roasted bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and red onions served with  toasted walnut demi-glaze.

Chefs Jesse Freisen and Ian Shapira presented  smoked salmon , beets, horseradish,candy turnips and winter truffle pate.

Special thanks to the Manitoba Liquor Mart and associate Mo Razik for their efforts in making this a great event.

Chefs Wortzman, Shapira, Lavallee and Friesen

Manitoba Agriculture brings Chefs together

The Winnipeg Branch welcomed Joy Lorette, Business Development  Specialist, Food and Agri- Product Processing , Manitoba Agriculture as she introduced Manitoba Producers to describe and share their products for our February meeting at the St. Charles Golf and Country Club.

We were joined by Adagio Acres who provided a sampling an Organic Oat Rice Mix in a salad and risotto. Azra’s Kitchen served up come of their vegetarian patties.   Lolo’s prepared  an array of foods featuring  Longganisa,  Tocino,  Spicy Chavacano and Philippine Smokies. Tamarack Farms presented  Quinoa and Rye Berry Salads and Homis for the membership to sample. It was a cool night,  but  we shared the warm hospitality of the St. Charles. Thanks to Chef Jeremy Langeman for putting together this informative meeting.

Lolo’s Premium Food Company
Azra’s Kitchen
Tamarack Farms
Adagio Acres

Winnipeg Junior Chef takes on the World

Junior Chef Argie Garcia

Canada will be represented at this years world culinary congress by Junior Chef Argie Garcia.

Winnipeg Chefs took home the first and second place in the Young Chefs Challenge in Toronto on January 27, 2019. Two Red River College culinary students, Argie Garcia (Apprentice Level 2) and Anthony Carino (Term 6 Culinary Arts) placed first and second in the competition . The competitors had three hours to make a three-course meal that showcased creativity, taste and kitchen organization.

These students were selected by the competition committee for their prior competition experience and constant pursuit of professionalism within the culinary industry.  The Young Chef’s Challenge in Toronto has only six competitors from across Canada, so having two Manitobans qualify is very exciting.

Argie Garcia will have the honor of representing Canada’s culinary scene on the world stage in Saint Petersburg, Russia 2020 at the World Chefs Congress.

Junior Chef Anthony Carino

Chocolate At Deluca’s

For the January event, Winnipeg’s Chefs were treated to the fine hospitality of DeLuca’s who welcomed the Winnipeg Branch of the CCF to their new facility at 66 South Landing Drive in Oak Bluff, Manitoba.

The evening started with a tour of the new building which functions as a massive warehouse facility and coffee processing area in addition to providing a spacious and inviting showroom of international foods and food preparation items. Browsing chefs were treated to some evening specials in the store, a tour of the new facility and a fantastic buffet featuring the foods and beverages of Italy. The open concept of the showroom provided the chefs a chance to mingle, enjoy some fine food and beverage and soak in the evening. Our hosts, Marco and Fabio made each and every one feel at home at this new center for imported food in Winnipeg.

In attendance were representatives of local food companies and local chefs as well as a strong showing of local culinary students  and instructors at the secondary and post secondary levels.

  The second part of the evening consisted of a truly decadent evening with one of Winnipeg’s finest chocolatier’s and patisserie, Donald Pattie C.C.C.. The Chef shared some of his secrets and demonstrated his artistic flare with the help of his assistant and volunteers from the audience. Chef Pattie was assisted by Boram Lee a current student at Red River College. The presentation included a discussion of chocolate tempering and types of chocolate, as well as touching on chocolate specific equipment and techniques. The Chef had a chance to explore simple truffles, Almond Dragees, Molded chocolates, Mint Fondants, Simple chocolate decoration and Mint Meltaways. Chef Pattie encouraged participation by the standing room only crowd who came to learn more about this pleasurable product and left with the taste of fine chocolate on their lips.

The evening passed quickly as the group tasted, learned and shared their love of chocolate. Chef Pattie was recently inducted as a member of the Canadian Culinary Federations Honor Society for his lifetime of work in the culinary arts. The group was served up some sweet treats and expert knowledge from one of the best.

Holiday Inn Hosts Holiday Breakfast

It was a full house on Sunday December 8, 2018 at the annual Canadian Culinary Federation Winnipeg Branch holiday breakfast at the Holiday Inn South.  Members and their families were treated to an excellent breakfast buffet prepared by Chef Eldon Brink and his team. Chef Karl Oman provided a gingerbread table for the budding pastry chefs. The morning was presided over by Chef Paul Lemire and he was assisted in his duties by his wife Lynne. We had a visit from the man in red and gifts were provided for members children and grand children all selected by Audrey Oman. The breakfast was a fine opportunity to share some time with the Culinary Federation Winnipeg Branch family. 

Canadian Culinary Federation Scholarship Awards

Red River College presented Culinary Arts students with recognition and awards at its annual Awards Reception held this November at Paterson Global  Food Centre.   Winnipeg CCF Educaton Chair, Ron Dobrinsky presented  awards to student Anthony Carino who is the recipient of the Candadian Culinary Federation Winnipeg Branch award.  At the same reception, student Joshuah Bruce received the Ron Long Award which was presented by Ron Longs granddaughter Ainsley who is a Chef and Culinary instructor. Congratulations Anthony and Joshuah!


CCF Winnipeg celebrates Manitoba Producers

The November meeting of the CCF Winnipeg Branch was held at Assisniboia Downs on November 14.  In addition to our usual meeting , Joy Lorette , Business Development Specialist, Food and Agri-Product Processing, Manitoba Agriculture, introduced us to some Manitoba companies that came to the downs to give our membership and guests a presentation on their products. The businesses presenting included Perfect Perogies who shared a variety of their fantastic flavors, Grindhouse Fine Foods who presented some of their spicy sausages , and Baa Farm Lamb products who served up some fine lamb products including an awesome Empanda. The executive was joined by Chef Ian Shapira who will represent our youth branch members on the board. Thanks to Chef Gerry Tumillo and his team for a fine evening.


International Chefs Day 2018


All over the world on October twentieth professional culinary organizations, chefs and cooks, get involved in doing good deeds within their local communities. Winnipeg CCF branch working with Siloam Mission, along with the partnership of Sysco Foodservice and City Bread, were able to help to provide the homeless people of Winnipeg with a nutritious and delicious meal to recognize the day.

Over four hundred meals were prepared in the morning by a brigade of culinary volunteers spearheaded by members of the Canadian Culinary Federation Winnipeg Branch and students from the Red River College Indigenous program lead by Chef Michael Fitzhenry. Outstanding efforts by Chef Karl Oman from RRC Paterson Global Foods, Chef Jared Lavellee of Via Rail, Chef instructor Jeff Bilous of Maples Collegiate, Chef Sookyung Shin of Great West Life, and Chef Hans Schweitzer guaranteed an excellent meal.

Thanks goes out to the hard working guy from Sysco, Kevin Penner and his side kick Heather, for cleaning all of the beautiful broccoli and their assistance in the service of the meals to the homeless.

Special thanks to the Chef Chris Buffington and  Sous Chef Marilou from Siloam Mission who helped to guide us through their routines in serving hot meals three times a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year to those in need. Their work is an inspiration.


The Canadian Culinary Federation Winnipeg Branch would like to thank all the sponsors and volunteers who helped us to reach out to the needy on International Chefs Day. The lunch guests were very appreciative of the fine meal they received and gave us many thanks.



CCF Winnipeg discovers Tequila

The Winnipeg branch of the CCF kicked off the new season with a excellent educational meeting at the Grant Park Liquor Mart. The evening, Viva Tequila was a spirited look at the intricacies’ of Tequila and the wonderful things that it can do on the palate.

The evening was guided by Gary Dawyduk who is a product expert with the liquor mart. Gary informed and entertained us with the story of this amazing product and the variations by which it is defined.

Flights of Tequila, examining the blending, regions, resting and of course the new wave of the product were matched with fantastic information and great food. Tastings were paired with culinary delights prepared by CCF Chef members. A lively discussion of the parings followed each course.

Compliments go  to Chef Karl Oman for his refreshing Guacamole and Pico d Gallo, Chef Jesse Freisen for his exciting Shrimp Empanada with charred corn, Jojo di Aho and Mango salsa, and to Chef Paul Lemire for his succulent three meat chili.


Special thanks to Merchant Kitchen and Pizzeria Gusto for providing young Chefs Meagan and Ian to execute the food for the evening.


CCFCC  Winnipeg gratefully thanks Manitoba Liquor Mart for the opportunity to have this expertly presented evening in their beautiful facility.

Manitoba makes a solid showing at Culinary Nationals

The biggest news out of the National Canadian Culinary Federation conference this June was that  the Sysco Senior Challenge Competitor from Winnipeg, Chef Gordon Bailey a Red River College  Culinary instructor took second place in Canada’s top culinary competition.

In the junior competition, also held in Charlottetown , Prince Edward Island, the  second place winner was  also from Winnipeg and is  Argie Garcia a Red River College culinary student and apprentice at the St. Charles Country Club.

Both Chefs Gordon and Argie faced some stiff competition and performed in a very professional and composed manner that does us proud. Congratulations.

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