Family Lawn Bowling in St. James


The Winnipeg branch was again the guests of the St. James Lawn Bowling Association as we enjoyed a few games on the grass. A lovely buffet was served up with foods and beverages for this family friendly event. Thanks to Chef Don Pattie who gave us a few pointers before the games and then awarded a fine personally hand crafted wood and resin pen to two happy recipients.


We would like to thank the following for their donations. Nossack Fine Meats, Central Smith Ice cream, International Pacific Sales condiments, City Bread Buns, Sysco beverages, Gordon Food Services salads, Unilever mayonaise, Cambells Salsa, Perfect Perogies and Silver Heights Restaurant.
Thankyou to Bump Meats from Juno Food Labs. It’s a plant enhanced meat. The burgers were delicious!