CCF Winnipeg discovers Tequila

The Winnipeg branch of the CCF kicked off the new season with a excellent educational meeting at the Grant Park Liquor Mart. The evening, Viva Tequila was a spirited look at the intricacies’ of Tequila and the wonderful things that it can do on the palate.

The evening was guided by Gary Dawyduk who is a product expert with the liquor mart. Gary informed and entertained us with the story of this amazing product and the variations by which it is defined.

Flights of Tequila, examining the blending, regions, resting and of course the new wave of the product were matched with fantastic information and great food. Tastings were paired with culinary delights prepared by CCF Chef members. A lively discussion of the parings followed each course.

Compliments go  to Chef Karl Oman for his refreshing Guacamole and Pico d Gallo, Chef Jesse Freisen for his exciting Shrimp Empanada with charred corn, Jojo di Aho and Mango salsa, and to Chef Paul Lemire for his succulent three meat chili.


Special thanks to Merchant Kitchen and Pizzeria Gusto for providing young Chefs Meagan and Ian to execute the food for the evening.


CCFCC  Winnipeg gratefully thanks Manitoba Liquor Mart for the opportunity to have this expertly presented evening in their beautiful facility.

Manitoba makes a solid showing at Culinary Nationals

The biggest news out of the National Canadian Culinary Federation conference this June was that  the Sysco Senior Challenge Competitor from Winnipeg, Chef Gordon Bailey a Red River College  Culinary instructor took second place in Canada’s top culinary competition.

In the junior competition, also held in Charlottetown , Prince Edward Island, the  second place winner was  also from Winnipeg and is  Argie Garcia a Red River College culinary student and apprentice at the St. Charles Country Club.

Both Chefs Gordon and Argie faced some stiff competition and performed in a very professional and composed manner that does us proud. Congratulations.

Sysco hosts local culinary treasures.

Chef Peter Ecker and the food service team hosted the June meeting of CCF Winnipeg at Sysco’s modern facility. Ten local suppliers showed the chefs why Manitoba is a leader in new and innovative products. Each supplier provided information on their products and chefs were then given the opportunity to see the products being used in new and creative ways. Thanks to Chef Peter, Dannys Whole Hog, Gorp Energy Bars, Saputo , Bones and Marrow, Canadian Birch, Tropi Gelato, , Floating Leaf Wild Rice, Canadian Birch and Smack Dab mustard.


Chef Donald Pattie CCC inducted in Canadian Culinary Federation Honor Society

Chef Donald Pattie CCC was inducted into the CCF Honor Society at the annual Honor Society Dinner at Holland College, in Charlottown P.E.I. as part of the national convention held this weekend. Chef Pattie is recognized for his many accomplishments in the field of pastry art and technology. His work has included many fine pieces on the national and international stage as well as being the mentor for hundreds of bakers, patisserie and culinary artists. Congratulations Chef Donald.


Lifetime Memberships Celebrated

On May 9, 2018 the Winnipeg Branch of the CCF and Pratt’s held a dinner meeting to honor the accomplishments and to present lifetime memberships to Chef Takashi Murakami and Associate Werner Saxler of City Bread. We were there to recognize the years that these individuals have contributed to Winnipeg’s Culinary Community. A wonderful reception of food and drink greeted the members as they arrived at the elegantly decorated Bistro. Pratt’s Corporate Chef Ferdinand Catalan followed up the hot and cold appetizers with a three course dinner.

Lifetime Associate Gaspar Scholtz presented the Associate Lifetime Membership award to Werner Saxler of City Bread and spoke of Werner’s dedication and endeavours to further the association and the industry.

Chef John Reimers presented the Chef Lifetime Membership to Chef Takashi Murakami and spoke of his many accomplishments including the order of Canada. Chef Hans Schweitzer presided over the evening and also shared some memories from the long career of Chef Murakami.

Grant Avery and Gord Harris of Pratt’s presented a memento to Chef Murakami and expressed the sentiments of the gathering in once again congratulating the Chefs long and illustrious career.

Earlier in the evening there was a short presentation from Lorey Appelle from Arctic Coop to inform us of existing employment opportunities for hospitality professionals in the far north.


Junior Fund Raiser a delicious success.

The Winnipeg Branch Culinary juniors lead by Michael Fitzhenry CCC and junior president Travis Leost hosted a great fundraiser at Kitchen Sync this past Saturday night.

Helping to make the evening a culinary success was CCF Chef of the year , Jesse Friesen, Junior Chef of the year, Christy Barkman and a culinary team consisting of junior members Vien Salimbacod, Riki Wuerz, Adam Mysak, Dakota Muggleton, Francesca Agatep, Ian Shapira and  Yoni Mehari. Thanks go out to RRC Students  Anthony Carino, Glory-lee Vista, Domingo Jamoyot, and Brandon Campbell for their work on completing the culinary delights.

The fundraiser will help pay for expenses for Junior members to attend the national conference in Charlotetown  P.E.I. in June.

Thanks to our sponsors for the evening Sysco Food Service,  Mariner Neptune, and Granny’s Poultry for their generous contributions of food to the event.

The Juniors had a great time preparing the evening offerings and were able to execute well and make sure it was a successful evening.

Thanks to all those volunteers who were instrumental in bringing this event together, as well as Chef Jesse Friesen and Chef Claire Snowball, who donated their valuable time to support the junior members.

G.F.S. Hosts April Meeting

The April meeting of Winnipeg CCF was hosted by our friends at G.F.S. at their modern facility. Chefs were introduced to Beyond Meat which is a plant based protein burger made from pea protein and all GMO, Gluten, and Soy free. Thanks to the team at G.F.S. for the delicious and informative evening

Culinary Milestone Honored

On April 5 2018 , Red River College held a luncheon to honor one of Winnipeg’s greatest Chefs, Nick Marchak,

At the luncheon Nick presented his 1976 Gold Olympic medal to the college. Nick Marchak was the first  Canadian born Chef to earn the gold medal for Canada at the world culinary olympics. . Red River College has gladly excepted the 1976 Olympic Gold medal for permanent display at the college.

Congratulations Nick Marchak and thank you for Red River College for honoring his accomplishment of putting home grown Canadian Chefs on world culinary stage.

Sysco Senior Manitoba Regional Challenge


Chef Gordon Bailey

The CCF Winnipeg Sysco Senior Challenge was held on April 4 th 2018 at the Sysco kitchen with the cooperation of  CCF Winnipeg branch, Sysco and corporate Chef Peter Ecker. Five talented local chefs competed in a black box competition in the Manitoba regional competition. For three of the members it was the first time they had the opportunity to compete in such a competition. They learned a lot and came away winners in their own right. It was a close competition with the overall winner was declared  Gordon Bailey, culinary instructor from Red River College.  Second place awarded to Jordon Carlson from Joey’s on Kenaston. Third place awarded to Jose Noboa of Gardewine and honorable mentions to Mark Pichette and Sookyung Shin.

Thanks to Peter Eckar and his Sysco team for holding the competition. Thank you to the team of judges including  John Reimers, Ron Dobrinsky, Jesse Friesen, Helmut Mathae, Paul Lemire and his Culinary student Faith for their time and effort in making the competition a success.

Chef Gordon Bailey will be heading off to the national competition in Charlottetown P.E. I. this June for the Sysco national competition. The Winnipeg Branch will sponsor Argie Garcia, apprentice at the St. Charles Country Club, who will also be attending the national conference and competing in the Culinary Federations Junior challenge.

Winnipeg will be well represented in Charlottetown at the conference and competition.

Good luck to all our competitors.

Paul Lemire

CCF Winnipeg




Manitoba Junior Challenge 2018

Recently the Winnipeg Branch of the Canadian Culinary Federation, with the cooperation of Red River College, hosted the Junior Chef Challenge for Manitoba. The event was held at Paterson Global Foods Institute , Red River College on Saturday March 17, 2018 and was a great display of the provinces young talents. The competition was organized by Chef Michael Fitzhenry and was the qualifying event to select the junior chef who will represent Manitoba at the National Conference of the CCFCC this June in Charlotetown P.E.I..

There was a field of six students representing college, industry and apprenticeship. The competition consisted of a black box of mystery ingredients common to all contestants with one hour to complete a dish consisting of the compulsory ingredients. The contest was a close one with fine displays of the skills and creativity of our up and coming culinary stars.

The competition resulted in the selection Argie Garcia , apprentice at the St. Charles Country Club as our representative for the nationals. Second Place was awarded Vien Salimbacod of the Glendale Country Club. Third Place was awarded to Shea Johnston of  Joey Kenaston. Honourable Mention to Elissa Polkowski , Adam Mysak and Anthony Carino who completed the field of competition.

Local members of the CCFCC educational community participated in the competition and selection of the candidate including Chef’s Jeremy Langeman, Ron Dobrinsky, Paul Lemire, Trevor Bailey, Terry Gereta and Brian Humniski. Last year’s recipient Christy Barkman acted as a culinary judge in the selection of this year’s recipient. Special thanks to the Paterson Global Foods Institute, Red River College and the culinary team for a successful event.


Junior Chef challenge 2018

Argie Garcia of the St. Charles Country Club.

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