Chefs Bowl and Bar-B-Que

The Lawn Bowling and BBQ was another successful evening! Maybe, it’s going to have to be an annual event. We had about 60 people participate.

Thank-you Don Pattie for arranging the venue, friendly and kind volunteers, for the beautiful prizes for close to the Jack and mostly all your hard work, I know there was a lot of behind the scenes prep and execution on your part.

Thank-you to our generous AssociatesVanda/Maple Leaf for the Delicious Hot Dogs, Scott/Pratts for the Awesome Burgers, Derek/City Bread for the Beautiful Buns, Shayne/GFS for the Amazing Salads, Tara/Campbells for the Tasty Chips and Salsa, Chef Peter/Sysco for the much appreciated Water, Juice and Ice, Sergei/Hockey for All for Plates, Cutlery, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce, Pickles, Coleslaw and possibly a few things I’m forgetting and Binner Marketing Cheese Slices, Ice Cream and serving pieces.

To the people who pulled it off…….

Jan and the lovely lady that helped with Setup and Managed the Sign In Sheet

Colleen and Natalie for setting up and organizing the Food Table and staying on top of it for replenishing and clean up. Colleen for the Coolers Natalie the Ice Cream Scooper, she was popular

Chef Jeff for picking up from Sysco, making an emergency stop at Walmart, helping with setup and wherever he could.

Chef Sergei for providing all the very important “Little Things”, garnish, salad, equipment and tools, BBQing and clean up.

Chef Hans for picking up the Buns, bringing equipment, set up and organizing and supporting the BBQ.

Chef Scott for Setup and helping where needed, hauling, help with the BBQ and cleanup.

If I missed someone, please know that I am grateful for your help too. When we arrived on site you all pitched, just like family, working together to make this event a great success! I appreciate you all, even more so because I wasn’t as mobile as I could have been.

If you have pictures that you would like to share, please send them to Chef Peter and Chef Brian, so that they can be put on our Website.

Until next year…