Educational evening Cooking gluten free with De Luca’s

Gluten Free for real.

A presentation by De Luca’s and Susan Finlay of the Manitoba Celiac Association

The February 12 meeting of the Culinary Federation was e held at 7 Pm at De Lucas on 66 South Landing Drive in Winnipeg.


Members braved a cold night to share some good food and learn a lttle about Gluten free. We had a presentation from Sue Finlay, Education and Event Coordinator, Manitoba Chapter,  Canadian Celiac Association. She spoke on the gluten free diet and the dangers of hidden gluten.

DeLuca’s Chef Fabrisio prepared a fantastic gluten free Pizza and a pasta  buffet of gluten free products.

Chef Don Pattie demonstrated and put together a special gluten free dessert featuring two new flavoured chocolates.


We welcomed new young Chef members Mike Licharson and Cam Mazur.


Young Chef Mike Licharson

Young Chef Cam Mazur

Thankyou to Marco, Paulo and the team at De Luca’s  for a great event.