January 3, 2016

Manitoba Moose Game for Winnipeg CCFCC

14:00 - 17:00

downloadThe Manitoba Moose Welcome:

CCFCC Winnipeg – Family and Friends

January 3, 2016        2 PM   TICKET PRICING:

Price LevelRegular PriceSEAT Price (after taxes/fees)Savings
P3 (GREY)$25.50ea$15.00ea$10.50/ticket
Foam Moose Antlers$4.99$2.00$2.99
Moose Toque $14.99$5.00$9.99


Promo Code: CCFCC Winnipeg

To reserve your seats, please contact Kevin Hosein at 204.926.5635 or khosein@moosehockey.com by Dec 30, 2015


Location: MTS Centre