March meeting at Pratts

Thanks to Grant Avery and Chef Ferdinand Catalan of Pratt’s for an informative and wonder-full evening. We were introduced to the wonders of Electrolux combi and quick chill technology. We were treated to a fantastic Prime Rib Buffet and all the frills.

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Chef Ferdinand Catalan

Chef Ferdinand Catalan

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Host Grant Avery and Past President Ron Dobrinsky

Host Grant Avery and Past President Ron Dobrinsky

Electrolux Combi and Quick Chill Technology

Electrolux Combi and Quick Chill Technology

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January meeting sponsored by Gordon Food Services

downloadThe January meeting was a great success , sponsored by Gordon Food Services and hosted by Chef Michael Keeler and his staff. Fantastic food and presentation of Sienna Bakery line of artisan bread products for the discerning chef. We were joined by Western Vice President Anthony J McCarthy CCC. remington-break

Presidents Message 2016

 Dear Members:

Out with the old and in with the New for 2016. How time flies when one is busy and involved with life. Our new year’s weather has started much friendlier than last year’s winter wonderland. We look forward to new initiatives and meeting new members and friends in the coming months.

They are currently working on the ice sculptures for the Ice Festival at the forks for us all to enjoy. We will all be amazed when we see the work of 40 ice carvers, who can create great works of art from simple, large blocks of ice.

The tradition of dining on Red River ice looks like it has come to an end this year and will have to be moved to land because of the mild weather, hope you have your tickets to attend, sold out again.

Your Winnipeg branch executive would like to invite you to this year’s meetings and dinners. Our executive will be busy putting together and finalizing this year’s Gala President’s Ball, April 9th at the Qualico Centre in Assiniboine Park. Please join us and help us with our branch initiatives and events. The experience of working with some of Winnipeg’s finest Chef’s and instructors is priceless.

Networking, learning, and meeting new friends will help us all become better members, associates and involved in our community.

We look forward to meeting everyone at Assiniboia Downs, January 13th for the branch meeting. Join us, mix, mingle and converse with our Western Canadian Vice President, Anthony McCarthy CCC.

Remember our branch dues are due and can be paid at our next meeting. Dues need to be sent in to national office on time to provide for our branch votes at the national conference.

Happy New Year

Paul Lemire President CCFCC Winnipeg

South Beach Casino

  Winnipeg Branch was treated to an excellent Swiss Buffet by Chef Richard and his staff.   BRAVO           read on

Winnipeg CCFCC Juniors are Facebook Ready!

Our CCFCC Juniors are now one Facebook! Here’s how they’re describing this great step:

This is a page to keep the young chefs of Winnipeg connected, informed about upcoming events and to most importantly share our love of food

Checkout the great work they are doing here!

Chance of a Lifetime: Culinary Exchange Program

Page: NewslettersCulinary Exchange Program… Perhaps, one of the most sought after and exciting program within the series of Junior Initiatives Programs.

Picture yourself, a young culinarian, eager to make your mark in the world of food preparation and production.  You’re suddenly whisked away (pun intended) for a two week, all expense paid romp in Canada.  While you’re at it, let’s visit some fine restaurants, do mussel farming in Prince Edward Island; wine tasting in the rich valleys of the Okanagan or experiencing  the technical complexities of cheese making in Québec.

Thanks to SAPUTO, that dream is but an application away from reality (see below).  Of course, in true fashion of previous years, 2015 brings on an exciting venue of events and challenges hosted by chef members of Regina and Saskatoon.  Event Schedule

However, like all good things that come is glossy packages – there’s a catch!  An application form and some working objectives that tell our judging panel about who you are, what makes you tick, and a little video requirement demonstrating your skill sets.  Application Form

Do not waste any time in preparing this opportunity – the outcomes are only as accessible as your drive for success.

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