Chefs and Associates Appreciate Scotch Whiskey

CF Winnipeg Branch Chefs and Associates shared an evening of Scotch Whiskey Appreciation and food parings provided by member chefs. The event was hosted by Gary Dawyduk at the Grant Park Liquor Mart.  

The evening featured four rounds of tasting which took us from defining Scotch Whiskey, to looking at the role of Oak and blending, to exploring coastal influences and then the final tasting of a cask strength highland single malt Scotch.

Chefs Jason Wortzman, Jared Lavallee,  Jesse Friesen and Ian Shapira were instrumental in preparing the fantastic food pairings . Gary Dawyduk at the Grant Park Liquor Mart led the Chefs and Associates though our courses and the influences of the food to the beverage.  Gary was able to share his vast knowledge and experience and to answer many questions from the floor. It was truly an educational and delicious event.
  Chef Jason Wortzman of Granny’s Poultry prepared Dijon herb tartlets with Granny’s cranberry chipotle sausage and Manchego cheese.

Chef Jared Lavallee of Assiniboia Downs and Via Rail prepared a  seared veal meatball seasoned with fresh herbs, skewered with roasted bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and red onions served with  toasted walnut demi-glaze.

Chefs Jesse Freisen and Ian Shapira presented  smoked salmon , beets, horseradish,candy turnips and winter truffle pate.

Special thanks to the Manitoba Liquor Mart and associate Mo Razik for their efforts in making this a great event.

Chefs Wortzman, Shapira, Lavallee and Friesen