Chefs Meeting at the Iceplex


Chef and Maples Coop Students prepared a fine buffet.

The November ninth meeting of the CCF Winnipeg was Hosted by Chef Sergei Didenko at the MTS Iceplex. In addition to bringing the chefs up to date on latest goings of the branch, the Canadian Culinary Federation and in the industry we were joined by our special guest and presenter Chef Dustin from Loaf and Honey.

Dustin is producing an aged and hand-washed Monastic cheese that was passed down to him from Brother Alberic of the Abbaye des Prairies Monastery in Holland MB. He is also producing small batch fresh whipped Ricottas in a variety of flavors.

Like many chefs in the room, Chef Dustin has a strong passion for our local food producers and he fully believes that one of our biggest roles as chefs is to support and promote our farmers and small scale producers.

The chefs were giving a sampling of some the unique adaptations that Chef Dustin has implemented in his cheese making. He encourages chefs in the discovery of the introduction of new ingredients an interesting example being his addition of the post fermented berries from gin making and blending them into the traditional cheese recipe.

Chef Sergei and his team prepared a fantastic buffet consisting of many items including Smoked Brisket, Cabbage Rolls, Penne Carbonara, Stuffed Mushrooms, Canapes and Cheeses.

The evening was topped off with some awesome frozen yogurt and delicious coffee and a behind the scenes tour of the complex. The Iceplex is the home away from home of the Winnipeg Jets, currently number one in their division.

Many thanks to Chef Sergei and his team for making the evening such a great outing.