Family Lawn Bowling in St. James


The Winnipeg branch was again the guests of the St. James Lawn Bowling Association as we enjoyed a few games on the grass. A lovely buffet was served up with foods and beverages for this family friendly event. Thanks to Chef Don Pattie who gave us a few pointers before the games and then awarded a fine personally hand crafted wood and resin pen to two happy recipients.


We would like to thank the following for their donations. Nossack Fine Meats, Central Smith Ice cream, International Pacific Sales condiments, City Bread Buns, Sysco beverages, Gordon Food Services salads, Unilever mayonaise, Cambells Salsa, Perfect Perogies and Silver Heights Restaurant.
Thankyou to Bump Meats from Juno Food Labs. It’s a plant enhanced meat. The burgers were delicious!

MHA and MHRA Show attracts our best

Chefs welcomed guests to our booth.

Manitoba Hotel Association and Manitoba Restaurant and Food Service Association  held its annual Show on Tuesday, April 23 from 10am-4pm Victoria Inn Hotel, Winnipeg. Featuring exhibitors from across the country the show brought together our provinces movers and shakers into one place. Fine foods, new ideas and of course mingling with old friends and colleagues made the time pass quickly. A fantastic opportunity to get the latest information from our industry leaders. The Culinary Federation booth was hopping all day and was hosted  by our chef members old and new. The booth offered some snacks and a chance to see the trophies that are given annually by the branch. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello or to share some time .

Always great to reconnect, meeting four past students from the Hilton.

Chefs take centre ice at the home of the Jet’s

Winnipeg’s culinary community had a chance to see what’s new at Canada Life Centre, home of the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

Culinary Federation Winnipeg’s fall schedule started on a high note when we gathered at Canada Life Centre, the home of the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets. Sodexo Live’s Executive Chef, Richard Duncan and his brigade prepared a wonderful assortment of elevated arena food including juicy sausages, delicious sliders, cheeses, salads, snacks and a delight-full dessert bar.


Chef Richard welcomed us to the newly renovated Wealth Management Club, the new VIP area which has just been opened this past week. Members and guests were welcomed by local executive and immediately began to sample some of the fantastic food donated by Sysco, Pratt’s, Toledo, Gordon Food Services, and Winkler Meats.

Following a short presentation and a chance to eat the great food, we were taken on a VIP tour of their world class kitchen and facilities.

Thanks for the great night.


Winnipeg Culinary Federation were pleased to see all the students from Red River Polytech and all the local chefs, sous chefs and cooks who were present for the first outing of the season.


The chefs are grate-full to all our friends at Canada Life Centre and Sudexo Live for their hospitality and a glimpse of what to expect this season at the home of the Winnipeg Jets.

Chefs Bowl and Bar-B-Que

The Lawn Bowling and BBQ was another successful evening! Maybe, it’s going to have to be an annual event. We had about 60 people participate.

Thank-you Don Pattie for arranging the venue, friendly and kind volunteers, for the beautiful prizes for close to the Jack and mostly all your hard work, I know there was a lot of behind the scenes prep and execution on your part.

Thank-you to our generous AssociatesVanda/Maple Leaf for the Delicious Hot Dogs, Scott/Pratts for the Awesome Burgers, Derek/City Bread for the Beautiful Buns, Shayne/GFS for the Amazing Salads, Tara/Campbells for the Tasty Chips and Salsa, Chef Peter/Sysco for the much appreciated Water, Juice and Ice, Sergei/Hockey for All for Plates, Cutlery, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce, Pickles, Coleslaw and possibly a few things I’m forgetting and Binner Marketing Cheese Slices, Ice Cream and serving pieces.

To the people who pulled it off…….

Jan and the lovely lady that helped with Setup and Managed the Sign In Sheet

Colleen and Natalie for setting up and organizing the Food Table and staying on top of it for replenishing and clean up. Colleen for the Coolers Natalie the Ice Cream Scooper, she was popular

Chef Jeff for picking up from Sysco, making an emergency stop at Walmart, helping with setup and wherever he could.

Chef Sergei for providing all the very important “Little Things”, garnish, salad, equipment and tools, BBQing and clean up.

Chef Hans for picking up the Buns, bringing equipment, set up and organizing and supporting the BBQ.

Chef Scott for Setup and helping where needed, hauling, help with the BBQ and cleanup.

If I missed someone, please know that I am grateful for your help too. When we arrived on site you all pitched, just like family, working together to make this event a great success! I appreciate you all, even more so because I wasn’t as mobile as I could have been.

If you have pictures that you would like to share, please send them to Chef Peter and Chef Brian, so that they can be put on our Website.

Until next year…


Gin and Irish Whiskey tasting and food paring

Presidents Awards Gala 2016 Sponsor

     Chefs enjoyed a fine selection of Irish Whisky paired with interesting snacks prepared specially for this unique “tasting”. In the same session, we experimented with cocktails made with a great selection of Gin.
     This Winnipeg Culinary Federation educational “tasting” with an expert seminar leader took place at Grant Park Liquor Mart Education Centre on May 10 and featured delicious courses prepared by Chef Jared Lavallee, Chef Sergei Didenko and Chef Scott Hyndman.

Holiday Brunch at the Holiday Inn

The CCF Family Christmas Brunch was well attended by about 100 people. Chef Eldon says that when he was doing it for 15 years pre Covid, the largest number he had was 75.  Winnipeg Culinary Federation members  and their families joined us for our Family Christmas Brunch held at he Holiday Inn South at 1330 Pembina Highway on Sunday December 11, 2022

A big Thank You to Chef Eldon Brink for coordinating with the Holiday Inn South and Chef Brian to make the Brunch happen.

Thank You to the Holiday Inn South for hosting us and to Chef Brian Hourigan and his team at the Holiday Inn South that provided a wonderful Buffet enjoyed by all.

Thank You to Tec Voc High School Culinary Arts Instructors who provided the Gingerbread Cookies, Cupcakes, Icings and Sprinkles.

Natalie Sample from Binner Marketing setup and tended to the Gingerbread Cookie and Cupcake Table, some of the kids thought she was so nice to let them eat candy before Breakfast!

Chef Ron Dobrinsky who said Grace and made Santa happen.

Thank You to all the donors to the two Gift Baskets for the Raffle, we raised $560.00 for the Christmas Cheer Board!

BeeMaid Honey, Wayback Burger, (Bell MTS Ice plex, MB. Moose and Chef Sergei Didenko),Fenton’s Wines, De Lucas, Saputo Cheese, Chef John Reimer Sweet

Thank You to all the Food Service Vendors that donated food for the Brunch, Dunrite, Sysco, GFS, To-Le-Do, Vanderpole Eggs, Campbells, Nestle, Maple Leaf, City Bread, Nature’s Farm, Saputo and Sweet Street


Many thanks to Bonnie Mularchuk and her committee who put together a wonder-full event featuring  Gingerbread & Cupcake Decorating Table for the Kids, a Brunch Buffet, Gift Bags (for Children 12 Yrs and under) and a Christmas Raffle with all proceeds to the Christmas Cheer Board.

Culinary Federation Holiday Brunch


Sunday December 11, 2022

Holiday Inn Winnipeg South

1330 Pembina Hwy.

10:00 A.M.


We welcome all Culinary Federation members  and your family to join us for our Family Christmas Brunch.

  •  Gingerbread & Cupcake Decorating Table for the Kids
  • Brunch Buffet
  • Gift Bags (for Children 12 Yrs and under)
  • Christmas Raffle with all proceeds to the Christmas Cheer Board

Please RSVP by Monday December 5th to CCF President Chef Peter Ecker at

Please indicate how many Adults in your group, along with the Names and Ages of Children under 12 yrs. that will be attending since Santa will be making an appearance!

Presidents Awards Gala

The Chefs were out on September ninth for a long awaited Presidents Awards Gala held at the Royal Bank Convention Centre.


Associates of the year award was shared by Manitoba Hotel Association and Manitoba Restaurant and Food Service Association.

Chef of the year was awarded to late Chef Andy Ormiston for his many years of service . The award was accepted by his wife , sister and nephew.

Chefs congratulate the culinary team led by executive Chef de Cuisine Patrick Truax.

Branch President Peter Ecker RSE hosted to our annual President’s Gala Awards Dinner Friday September 9th, 2022  ,  6 PM RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg 375 York Ave. Chair persons were Ron Dobrinsky and John Reimers.  Young Chef of the Year was awarded to RRC student  Vi Le who was unable to attend the event.

Lifetime memberships in the Canadian Culinary Federation were presented to Chefs Jeff Gill, Tim Appleton and Brian Humniski.

Young Chefs shine in Saskatoon


Manitoba Young Chef Joey Mai was proud to present her course at the Gala Reception at Culinary Federation Conference in June in Saskatoon. The team of young chefs had a chance to work with chefs from across the county who prepared the food for the five days of competition based menus.


Coconut Lime Roulade

Coconut Frangipanie Tart

Basil Gel

Roasted Strawberry Sorbet

Coconut Foam.

Highliner Wild Fries Contest

High Liner Culinary wants to hear from you!

Create a menu application using their new Alaskan Pollock Fries
using either the Dill Pickle or Salt & Pepper (or both!)
and the winning entry will receive $250!

*Contest Details: Get your Wild Alaskan Pollock Fries from your favorite FS Distributor or Binner Marketing & Sales. Envision your menu application and assemble your ingredients. Plate your creation, cost it out and submit your photo to Bonnie Mularchuk at by April 30, 2021. Contest entries will be reviewed by the High Liner Culinary Team and the winner will be announced at the next CCF Meeting on May 12, 2021.
*Winner will receive a $250 Gift Card of their choice

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