Chefs have a night out at Brazen Hall

Winnipeg Chefs  were out to Brazen Hall for a Social Night on Oct 12th .   

The chefs were treated to some fine Fun , Food, Beer and yes Hospitality.

Chef Jose  and the house brewmaster took the members on a tour of the brewery and had lots of great food for everyone to enjoy. Maple Leaf Foods gave us a chance to sample Vegan options, new on the market, with a “Shrimp” prepared in a banging sauce and a Brat style sausage that had fantastic meat feel with a great flavour, both were winners.
Chef Jose added his awesome Chicken wings with his Brazen Kimchi  and a choice of seasonal items to fill out the fantastic buffet

Thanks to Brazen Hall who have been long supporters of the Culinary Federation. Some members recalled another great social evening hosted by the  Christensen  family  some thirty  years ago at the Round Table. We should support  these great culinary community members who have been behind the association for three plus decades.