Chocolate At Deluca’s

For the January event, Winnipeg’s Chefs were treated to the fine hospitality of DeLuca’s who welcomed the Winnipeg Branch of the CCF to their new facility at 66 South Landing Drive in Oak Bluff, Manitoba.

The evening started with a tour of the new building which functions as a massive warehouse facility and coffee processing area in addition to providing a spacious and inviting showroom of international foods and food preparation items. Browsing chefs were treated to some evening specials in the store, a tour of the new facility and a fantastic buffet featuring the foods and beverages of Italy. The open concept of the showroom provided the chefs a chance to mingle, enjoy some fine food and beverage and soak in the evening. Our hosts, Marco and Fabio made each and every one feel at home at this new center for imported food in Winnipeg.

In attendance were representatives of local food companies and local chefs as well as a strong showing of local culinary students  and instructors at the secondary and post secondary levels.

  The second part of the evening consisted of a truly decadent evening with one of Winnipeg’s finest chocolatier’s and patisserie, Donald Pattie C.C.C.. The Chef shared some of his secrets and demonstrated his artistic flare with the help of his assistant and volunteers from the audience. Chef Pattie was assisted by Boram Lee a current student at Red River College. The presentation included a discussion of chocolate tempering and types of chocolate, as well as touching on chocolate specific equipment and techniques. The Chef had a chance to explore simple truffles, Almond Dragees, Molded chocolates, Mint Fondants, Simple chocolate decoration and Mint Meltaways. Chef Pattie encouraged participation by the standing room only crowd who came to learn more about this pleasurable product and left with the taste of fine chocolate on their lips.

The evening passed quickly as the group tasted, learned and shared their love of chocolate. Chef Pattie was recently inducted as a member of the Canadian Culinary Federations Honor Society for his lifetime of work in the culinary arts. The group was served up some sweet treats and expert knowledge from one of the best.