Holiday Brunch at the Holiday Inn

The CCF Family Christmas Brunch was well attended by about 100 people. Chef Eldon says that when he was doing it for 15 years pre Covid, the largest number he had was 75.  Winnipeg Culinary Federation members  and their families joined us for our Family Christmas Brunch held at he Holiday Inn South at 1330 Pembina Highway on Sunday December 11, 2022

A big Thank You to Chef Eldon Brink for coordinating with the Holiday Inn South and Chef Brian to make the Brunch happen.

Thank You to the Holiday Inn South for hosting us and to Chef Brian Hourigan and his team at the Holiday Inn South that provided a wonderful Buffet enjoyed by all.

Thank You to Tec Voc High School Culinary Arts Instructors who provided the Gingerbread Cookies, Cupcakes, Icings and Sprinkles.

Natalie Sample from Binner Marketing setup and tended to the Gingerbread Cookie and Cupcake Table, some of the kids thought she was so nice to let them eat candy before Breakfast!

Chef Ron Dobrinsky who said Grace and made Santa happen.

Thank You to all the donors to the two Gift Baskets for the Raffle, we raised $560.00 for the Christmas Cheer Board!

BeeMaid Honey, Wayback Burger, (Bell MTS Ice plex, MB. Moose and Chef Sergei Didenko),Fenton’s Wines, De Lucas, Saputo Cheese, Chef John Reimer Sweet

Thank You to all the Food Service Vendors that donated food for the Brunch, Dunrite, Sysco, GFS, To-Le-Do, Vanderpole Eggs, Campbells, Nestle, Maple Leaf, City Bread, Nature’s Farm, Saputo and Sweet Street


Many thanks to Bonnie Mularchuk and her committee who put together a wonder-full event featuring  Gingerbread & Cupcake Decorating Table for the Kids, a Brunch Buffet, Gift Bags (for Children 12 Yrs and under) and a Christmas Raffle with all proceeds to the Christmas Cheer Board.